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Baby Shower Gift Registry

Baby shower gift registry – why you should have one

Here are some reasons why you should have a baby shower gift registry.

1. You want to make it easier for your guests

Naturally your friends and family want to buy you something that you will love and use. By providing a list of items you like, it takes the guess work out and makes it easier for them.

Less stress for them, and better gifts for you and your baby. It’s a win for everyone.

2. You want to avoid duplication of gifts

Yes, you will need lots of popular baby items like baby muslin wraps, bodysuits and rompers, however you don’t necessarily want exactly the same colours or prints.

To prevent duplication of gifts, and to help get a good variety of styles, colours and newborn necessities, a baby shower gift registry will help provide that guidance to your guests.

3. You get to outline exactly what kind of gifts you prefer

You can add things you will find useful like, baby skin care products, baby play mat, nappy bags and pram clips, a baby carrier wrap, baby bibs, certain toys or other items that people might not think off.

If you are wanting to avoid too much pink for your girl or blues for your baby boy, then you can select baby clothes, wraps and other essentials with the colours and prints you like and will use.

4. You have a  certain decor and colour scheme in mind

As people strive to find unique baby gifts that can be used for a long time to come, some baby shower gifts end up being for the home. That means you might end up with something that is not to your taste or nursery décor colours or theme.

A baby shower gift registry will outline clearly the colours, sizes, and shapes of things you would like to receive. No more getting stuck with gifts that get stored for years and never used.

5. No-one wants to give a useless gift

No one wants to gift a friend something they might not end up using. More than that, you don’t want to be stuck with gifts that are going to sit somewhere out of sight and out of mind.

That’s why you should have a baby shower gift registry

It is not inappropriate to suggest a list of items you would like and let people pick and choose from that list. It’s also fine for your friends and loved ones to do their own thing and buy something not on the list.

Keep in mind, typically a gift registry should not include big ticket or expensive items like car seats or breast pumps, cots or prams. The more expensive the item the more people might frown upon it or perceive your registry to be presumptuous.

Bespoke Baby Gifts offers an easy-to-use online baby gift registry with a stack of beautiful baby products for you to choose from.

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