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Do you feel like you are exhausted have tried everything and nothing is working?


I’m a mum with over 10yrs experience as a registered pharmacist in Australia and an International Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant. I bring a unique perspective that will help you make life changing improvements to your little miracle’s sleep and yours!

Little miracle’s sleep is a biological necessity, not a luxury.  Sleep is often a neglected necessity, when really it is of great importance – just as important as nutrition. We all need sleep to give the best to our little miracles.

Suffering from sleep deprivation can leave you feeling like a zombie, and when you are exhausted it is hard to find the joy in your parenthood. A lack of adequate sleep for you and your little miracle may lead to postnatal depression. This may give rise to mums having dangerous ideas about self-harm or harming their family.

Please know that;

I feel you,
I hear you,
I know how hard it is to struggle with your little miracle’s sleep.

Based on scientific evidence, a targeted holistic approach can be developed to suit your parenting style.

Here are the issues that Miracle Dreambaby – Sleep Consultant can assist with:
✅Tips and tricks for settling your newborn
✅How to deal with crying and swaddling
✅How to solve cat napping
✅How to minimise unhealthy sleep associations
✅How to teach the little miracle the positive sleeping skill to sleep independently
✅How to reduce night feeds – dependent on growth, adjusted ages and development factors
✅How to tackle early wakings
✅How to reduce toddler night wakings
✅How to minimize bedtime resistance
✅Provide nutrition advice
✅Tailored healthy sleep habits to aid with correct day & night sleep
✅Transitioning from co-sleeping to cot /own room or cot to toddler bed

Welcome to schedule a FREE 15 min phone consultation with me
☎️ 0466 999 322

❤️All my paid clients are entitled for unlimited after-service care in my VIP private group where I’m always here when you need a little tweak in the future.

Email: info@miracledreambaby.com.au

Website: http://miracledreambaby.com.au/


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