Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Amber. Founder of The Nurtured Chapter. A therapy and wellness space that merges science and soul. It is a space for those seeking something more on their preconception, pregnancy and early parenting journey.

I help parents, babies and those on the road to parenthood enjoy more calm, clarity and connection through weaving holistic counselling, new parenthood coaching, my work as a postpartum doula and registered nurse specialising in early life care.

Support packages and consultations are offered face to face for Sydney residents or via Distance Call Australia wide.

Offerings include:

Prepped for Parenthood

The shift into parenthood is one of the biggest transitions you will experience. It is an evolutionary process that is complex, extraordinary and difficult, often in the same moment. This offering is to deeply honour the transformational shift you experience as you enter parenthood and to have you prepped as you can be as you enter this new chapter.

These are explorative and supportive sessions to prepare you emotionally, spiritually, relationally and physically for the remainder of your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. It is an offering that is curated just for you as we deep dive into you, where you are at, where you want to be, blocks that are stopping you from getting there, your fears and hopes.

Topics we commonly explore are the profound changes to mind and body as you enter parenthood, changes to identity, sex and intimacy, relationship changes, how to remain connected with your partner through the challenges of early parenting, expectations versus reality of early parenthood, softening your inner critic, the basics of birth and newborn care, how to survive the fourth trimester and how to manage the first few weeks of parenthood with self-compassion and maintaining self-care while also looking after a baby. Diving into the topics unique to you will have you a step ahead as you enter parenthood.


Baby Sleep and Breastfeeding/Feeding Consulting

There is nothing quite like entering parenthood. I do believe though there is a lot we can do to help make this new season of life more manageable, minimising the challenges, maximising enjoyment and supporting the wellbeing of your little one. As a Registered Nurse I have had the opportunity to train in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) or the Possums programs. NDC is an evidenced based, evolutionary and holistic approach to early life care that is gentle, flexible, approachable and effective.

Neuroprotective care focuses on the crucial 0-12 months of life and five domains that interact to affect parent-infant wellbeing. Baby sleep, breastfeeding/feeding, baby's sensory-motor and social needs, cry-fuss behaviours, and parental mood. Through approaching early life care from these key areas I support both parent and baby through what can be a magical, confronting and dynamic time. I am Possums Certified and working towards accreditation in NDC under Dr Pamela Douglas and her team from The Possums Clinic in Queensland. For more information on Possums visit

I offer NDC consultations with a focus on baby sleep and feeding that can be conducted before bub arrives to have you prepped as you can be for your little ones arrival or postpartum once baby has been born. Sleep and feeding consultations are approached holistically, which means while your baby’s sleep or feeding concern is the main focus I know that there are a number of other factors that can influence or contribute to your little ones feeding and sleep journey. We may look at bubs sensory environments, social and cultural factors that can compromise feeding and healthy sleep habits as well as look at and support your mental health and wellbeing.


Postpartum Planning

A dreamy postpartum looks different to all of us. Together we will sit down and create a solid postpartum plan tailored to you. Your plan will leave you as prepped as you can be for a healthy and happy postpartum.

During our session we cover where you are at, what is coming up for you and where you want to be. We talk all things hopes, fears, navigate any mental blocks stopping you getting to where you need to be and how to make postpartum more blissful. We plan for self-care, time out for self-love and the essentials for fuelling your body to support its nourishment. If the practical stuff such as newborn care basics or prepping you for breastfeeding is a concern we can chat about that too. We will cover your village of support from partner, family, friends, to well-intentioned visitors, boundary setting, flexing your no muscle, to health and wellbeing specialists. Together we create a solid plan to support you and make the early days more manageable.

An unplanned and unsupported early postpartum can affect you long into the future. Through planning the essential support and guidance you need, your focus can be directed towards what is really important. Resting, healing, softening into your body’s wisdom and nourishing, nurturing and bonding with your bub and new family.


Birth Debriefing

Your birth experience is where the most intimate parts of you are open and vulnerable. For some of us birth is a divinely magical experience and for others it is shadowed by a lack of control, obstetric violence, abuse and physical or emotional injury. This is often when we experience shame, fear, anger, confusion, abandonment and/or trauma.

Your birth experience can leave a lingering imprint on your body, mind and relationships. My intention with this offering is to create a compassionate space for women and birthing persons, partners and/or families to tell your birth story, to understand it, minimise the negative imprint of your birth experience on mind and body and to work towards reclaiming your experience and healing from birth. Even if things went well it is often helpful and healthy to process them through telling your story.


Counselling & New Parenthood Coaching

I offer a therapeutic space to support you in exploring and navigating the multilayered transition to early parenthood. I work with the belief that preparation for these transitions can start long before baby comes. Together we will co-create a space to navigate the layered and often challenging experience of preconception, (in)fertility, pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

Topics presented in therapy include, but are not limited to: seeking support to explore identity changes and relationship changes surrounding parenthood, difficulties with adjustment to parenthood, quietening the noise of perfectionism, shame or the inner critic, support for previous loss, parenting with self-compassion, navigating old wounds that are affecting parenting experiences or developing skills to navigate the challenge of early parenthood.

However your journey looks I will support you with compassion and respect as my therapeutic practice is heart centered. I integrate humanistic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy with a solutions-focused and strengths based approach, incorporating mindfulness and meditation. I am a trauma informed professional and have specialised training in trauma in relation to pregnancy, birth and parenting. My practice is informed by the work of Elly Taylor, the Becoming Us™ pioneer whose work is changing the way parents prepare for parenthood, as well as the Gottman Method, a research based, practical and emotion-focused approach to relationships.


Postpartum Packages

I offer scrumptious postpartum packages to support you in the lead up to and early weeks of bubs arrival. Packages are a nurturing and nourishing love filled initiation into your postpartum. They offer a one stop shop of in-home support offering a space that nurtures a blissful postpartum experience.

Packages aim to create a powerful impact that lasts long into your postpartum creating a happy and healthy start to new parenthood. These are unique supportive in-home visits that combine all things doula work, counselling, new parent coaching and early life care consulting. These packages offer you all of my knowledge, gentleness and patience as you learn a whole new skill set and dive into your early parenting journey.

Packages are tailored to you and can include newborn sleep, feeding and behaviour consulting, coaching for early parenthood transitions, endless emotional support for the hard stuff, physical support for the things you shouldn’t be doing, like the laundry and dishes, and the space for you to take time for you, that might look like having a soothing botanical bath soak, with no interruptions, while I look after bub.

From a half day Express package (perfect for a baby shower gift) to an immersive 6 weeks of in-home postpartum care these packages are all about making this new season of life that little more manageable. My intention is to leave you feeling supported, in control and powerful, rocking your postpartum on your terms and focusing on what’s really important, you, your bub and bonding as a new family.


Whether you are needing support, guidance or a nourishing and nurturing space to press pause and reconnect with what’s really important to you, I’m here for you, and so excited to walk this path along side you.

Lets' make some magic!

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All the best,


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