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Dulwich Hill Village Style Secrets

Dulwich Hill Village – Sydney’s best kept secret

Think you know the Inner West? Think again. In our recent travels we discovered one of Sydney’s best kept local secrets – Dulwich Hill – or ‘Dully’ as it’s affectionately known by the locals, is an Inner West gem waiting to be discovered.

To an outsider, Dulwich Hill may appear to be an unassuming suburb. Looks, however, can be deceiving.  At the heart of Dulwich Hill is the Dulwich Hill Village, teeming with quality specialty retailers, dedicated services providers and talented artisans. When exploring Dulwich Hill Village, don’t be surprised if the owner personally greets you, as the village is filled with independent and family-owned businesses, some now being run by the second generation of family members.

With plentiful parking and easy access by bus and light rail, now’s the time to visit Dulwich Hill Village and uncover some of its secrets!

During a recent trip to Dulwich Hill Village, we asked some of the local businesses what retail secrets they’d especially like to share with members of The Inner West Mums.

We talked to Dee Heagney from Urban Cachet, where women of all shapes, sizes and personalities have been finding stylish yet functional clothing and accessories for the past 14 years. Here’s some of Dee’s top styling tips:


💡 Be meticulous in clearing your wardrobe of unsuitable pieces

Get rid of all pieces that don’t suit your body shape and lifestyle. There’s no point holding on to items “just in case”, as they only cause physical and mental clutter.


💡  Invest in versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down

For busy mums who want to cut-down their dressing time whilst still looking stylish, you can’t go wrong with good quality t-shirts, a jacket or blazer, a pair of jeans and a white sneaker for a casual yet stylish everyday look.

(Image courtesy of Urban Cachet)


💡  Inject pops of colour to freshen up your wardrobe – and your mood!

Don’t be afraid to inject colour into your look, as it can transform how you feel. Colour has the power to lift your mood and make you look more rested than you probably feel.

(Image courtesy of Redy Novantino

💡  Embrace the looks you love

Got an outfit that’s on high rotation? Dee says it’s perfectly okay to repeat the same look and outfit. It’s about being comfortable in a style that’s right for you.


Next we visited Connie Dimas, from Connie Dimas Jewellery and Gifts. With a shoemaker dad and a dressmaker mum, creativity is in Connie’s DNA. Her handmade jewellery pieces showcase contemporary, uncomplicated designs that can be worn every day. But what sets Connie’s jewellery apart is her ability to capture the delicate interplay of light in each piece, like the enchanting shimmer reflecting off a pair of earrings when they catch the sun.


(Image courtesy of Connie Dimas Jewellery and Gifts)


Connie shares some her jewellery styling tips with us:

💡 Pick jewellery that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable to wear

Comfort is just as important for jewellery as it is for clothes. When purchasing a ring, consider designs that feature curves and tapered sides for maximum comfort. For earrings, it’s about being the right shape and size and importantly not too heavy.

© COPYRIGHT. 2019. Dragon Papillon Photography. All Rights Reserved.


💡 Selecting the right materials can make jewellery cleaning a cinch

Connie is often asked how to best clean jewellery and she says starting with the right materials makes all the difference. For shiny, polished or plated surfaces, she recommends a reputable soft jewellery polishing cloth. For matt surfaces, gently rub in the same direction with a kitchen scourer or ‘steel wool’ and a drop off dishwashing detergent, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. Repeat as needed.

(Image courtesy of Connie Dimas Jewellery and Gifts)

💡 Get expert advice if you’re purchasing jewellery as a gift

Don’t be afraid to chat with a jeweller if you’re looking for a special gift. Jewellers not only have an eye for what’s in vogue, but they can also help select a piece that will match a person’s lifestyle as well as their look.


Great styling advice from both Dee and Connie for Inner West Mums. You can uncover more useful secrets when you visit Dulwich Hill Village, Sydney’s best kept secret.


Have you been to Dulwich Hill Village and found an artisan store or local retailer that you loved? Leave a comment below or email us at – we love hearing recommendations about local retailers in the Inner West and beyond.




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