We are all feeling some sort of pressure at the moment with lockdowns across the country. Many of us separated from our loved ones, separated from our everyday normal trying to stay afloat.

What better way to let some of that pressure go, lets come together for a Friday night in. You can start a new project, work on an existing one or just pop online for a drink with some new friends.

Whether you're someone who regularly paints or draws or you've haven't flexed your creative muscle in years doesn't matter. When you join my online art class you can create art from the comfort of your own living room while being in the "virtual" company of others.

Don't worry if you don't have traditional art supplies. Sometimes working with the materials we have available makes it easier to tap into our innate creativity.
Use the materials you have available. If that means "raiding your kids' pencil case" and grabbing a simple sheet of paper or a sketchbook, go for it.

We create together for 2 hours and you have the opportunity to ask questions. As the class is live streamed (via Zoom) you can see what I'm working on in my studio. I ask you to also have your video enabled so that we can all see each other and we and we are able talk together.

You are able to ask questions or seek feedback if you wish (you don't have to though). The emphasis is on having a relaxed and fulfilling time together while being creative.
Put your perfectionism on hold. This is simply time for you to enjoy and have a bit of fun.

I will suggest a few different exercises for you to choose from but they are simply suggestions. You may instead just want to work on something you like. It is entirely up to you. The main thing is that you carve out some time to do something you love. Pour yourself a nice drink of your choice and just enjoy 2 hours of creativity.

Click the link below to register, hope to see you there!

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