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Five Tips on Working from Home

We have put together some handy tips for those who are able to work from home.

1. Maintain a morning routine
It’s important to maintain a consistent morning routine when you are working from home – for example getting up at a regular time. If you can, using the time you would normally commute to work, why not try and exercise before you begin your day. Find somewhere quiet to go for a walk or run so you can start you day with some fresh air and a clear mind.

2. Set up your work space
Having a dedicated work space where you work from home will help you separate your home life from your work life. Being able to work behind a closed door is going to be especially important if you have children who are also at home with you, so you can focus and make conference calls without the background noise. But remember, at this time colleagues are also juggling so don’t stress about those inevitable interruptions (remember this guy:

Don’t forget to make sure you have a proper desk and ergonomic work chair and try to keep your work space clean and tidy to help you focus.

3. Set a schedule and take proper breaks

When you are working from home, it’s really easy to sit at your computer all day without taking any breaks. Pausing throughout the day can boost your productivity. If you were at the office you would be taking regular breaks for meetings, chats with colleagues and lunch. So do the same at home, breaks can actually give you thinking space to clear your mind and you may even find the answers to work issues.

During your breaks try and give yourself time to stretch or exercise, even if its just 5-10 minutes. There are lots of good apps you can download to motivate you.

4. Get organised with your technology and equipment

Before you start your day, make sure that everything you need is in place  – it’s easy to burn time looking for a charger or trying to pry an iPad from your child’s hands! It is worthwhile acquainting yourself with and downloading whichever tool your colleagues/company are using – whether it is a video conference like Google Hangout, Zoom, Blue Jeans or a project management tool like Asana or the myriad of other tools. We highly recommend giving these tools a test run first.

5. Leave work when the day is done

The reality of having your office at home is that it will be tempting to continue checking emails into the evening. So set a time when you ‘leave’ your office and get back to your home life and try to stick to it.



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