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Catherine Tubbs, owner of Ms Kensington

Getting to Know: Catherine Tubb of Ms Kensington

Catherine Tubb ‘s lingerie is made in Sydney and designed with mums in mind, inspired by conversations she had with friends after the birth of her own children. She shares the inspiration behind her latest collection and her motivation for running a values based business.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m originally from London but moved to Sydney than 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. I met my husband here (also a Pom) and we’ve since made the inner west our home along with our two kids. I love living here and being a mum. Kids are naturally creative and seeing the world through their eyes reveals little moments of wonder that us busy adults don’t often find the time to stop and notice. They’re masters at living in the moment and doing something purely for their own enjoyment such as drawing a picture or picking a flower. It’s a good reminder that creativity is just looking at the world a bit differently and finding a way to express it.

What path led you to starting Ms. Kensington?
I was coming to the end of parental leave with my second child Zoe (now 4). Through many conversations with friends, it struck me just how many of us found it hard to focus on ourselves because of our busy demanding lifestyles. Specifically, in the areas of intimacy, sexuality, and relationships. The more women I spoke to, the same topics of conversation kept coming up. None of us wanted to open our underwear drawer and be confronted by the restrictive and uncomfortable underwear being marketed to us by fast fashion or aspire to be what the media deems ‘sexy’. I felt like there was a need for a range of luxury lingerie that was designed specifically for us. That would make us feel instantly fabulous when we wore it.

Sustainability and transparency are key to your brand. Why are they important to you and how do you put them into practice?
As a brand you are what you create, and I have done my best to create a lingerie label and operate a business that is transparent, ethical and sustainable.
I’m proud to be on first name terms with my suppliers and to make my lingerie here in Sydney. From Berty who cuts the fabric in Marrickville to Christiaan and his team of expert makers in Alexandria. Every part of production is done with face-to face interaction and as small a carbon footprint as possible.
I don’t follow trends but create classic, timeless designs in limited production runs to minimise overconsumption. I want you to be able to ‘buy once and buy well’ and use silk and silk cotton as fabrics as they are natural, breathable and will last forever if treated with care.

The Sydney Collection is your latest range. Where did the inspiration for this collection come from and do you have a favourite piece?
Every collection starts with a mood, sparked by a moment of inspiration and my second collection had to be about the beautiful city I’ve called home for the past 10 years. Sydney matches its natural beauty with an elegant cosmopolitan vibe. The sun sparkling on the harbour or the waves lapping at the shore of a city beach, it casts a sultry spell over its inhabitants.  My favourite pieces from the new collection have to be the ‘Making Waves’ dress and Sydney blue camisole and French knicker set. The camisole and French knicker sets are one of our best selling pieces and for the Sydney collection I’ve made them in a stunning powder blue silk.

The Making Waves dress (pictured below) was made in collaboration with textile artist Bettina from Dyehaus, using a shibori dye technique that evokes a cloud-streaked summer sky or the waves rippling across the ocean. It’s a stunning limited-edition piece perfect for party season.

Making Waves dress from the Sydney Collection from Ms. Kensington

Do you have any advice for women when choosing lingerie?
Above all it must make you feel fabulous. If it isn’t comfortable or you don’t feel confident wearing it – forget it! I would also recommend investing in pieces that have been made to last in natural, quality fabrics that feel good against your skin.

Favourite places in the inner west?
I like to fuel up on caffeine and a bite to eat from Flood St Carousel post school drop off. I love taking my kids to Moretti’s on Norton Street where they can watch their pizzas being put in the oven and enjoy having a family night out in a buzzy, friendly atmosphere.  My perfect date night is to have a lychee martini at Creek & Cella before moving on to Palace Norton St Cinema to watch a film before walking home. I also love a walk or bike ride around the Bay run – even after months of lockdown, I never get tired of seeing the sun sparkle across Iron Cove.

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