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Dorothy Yue - Balmain Village Health

Getting to Know … Dr Dorothy Yue of Balmain Village Health

It’s a homecoming of sorts for Dr Dorothy Yue, the latest addition to the team at Balmain Village Health. Dr Yue grew up in the Inner West and having spent much of the last two decades in Melbourne, has now returned to Sydney as both a Qualified GP and a mother of two. Dorothy worked in a variety of hospitals in Victoria, including the Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department prior to her GP training.

Find out more about Dorothy, why she is honoured to be considered a Family GP and her mantra ‘listen, listen, listen’. Oh, and when you see Dorothy, be sure to give her your foodie recommendations!


Tell us a little about yourself
I grew up in Sydney’s Inner West and moved to Melbourne to study medicine where I lived for 14 years, until recently relocating back to Sydney to be close to family. I’m now back in the Inner West and am enjoying rediscovering the area, this time as a mother of two young children. Outside of work I love getting the kids and my two cavoodles outdoors, exploring the coffee scene (the Melbournian in me) and spending time with the village that is my extended family.


What inspired you to become a GP?
I wanted to be a doctor who could manage the person, not the disease. To listen, inform and assist in better health outcomes across the board. This is unique to general practice and what I love about my job. It is so lovely when you start off treating one family member and the whole pack comes the next time.  It’s an honour to be considered a Family GP.


How would you describe your style as a GP?
Listen, listen, listen. You can get so much information from letting people air their concerns, their opinions and their beliefs. This guides the consultation and management options. We follow evidence-based medicine at Balmain Village Health and tailor these management guidelines to each individual patient.


What do you enjoy most about your job?
Helping people and their families achieve better health and happiness. We support and manage people through illness, but also focus strongly on health prevention. I also really enjoy being part of a treating team, something we strongly believe in at Balmain Village Health. Each GP offers different expertise and we utilise this and local specialists to ensure the best level of care to our patients.


Do you have any special areas of interests as a GP? What interests you most about these areas?
I enjoy the variety and complexity that general practice involves. In particular, I enjoy seeing the development of children into happy and healthy beings. Mental health is an evolving issue in society and it starts from childhood and continues lifelong unless managed appropriately. I also enjoy seeing women from providing contraceptives, to pregnancy planning, to achieving pregnancy, all the way through to motherhood and beyond. One in six couples will require some sort of reproductive assistance to fall pregnant, it is a highly stressful period both physically and mentally. I find it a privilege to be part of assisting in this journey.


How do you balance motherhood and a demanding job?
Every job has the enjoyable and not so enjoyable moments. I find the things I love about both motherhood and my job and focus on building these areas up. Motherhood is tough, but it can be the most rewarding job if you play your cards right. Work stress can be difficult to manage but I try my best to let this stress go once I step out of those clinic doors.


What has been something positive or a silver lining for you during the pandemic (in personal or business life)?
I managed to escape Melbourne just in time before the pandemic really hit, so I guess I’m very grateful for that!  I think the pandemic has allowed me to slow down, focus on family and to re-evaluate what we prioritise most in life.


Favourite places in the Inner West?
If you see me for a consultation, I’d probably be asking you for advice! Unfortunately the pandemic has not been conducive to re-exploring the Inner West. Though I am always on the hunt for good pasta, good coffee and delicious dumplings. So far, One Ford Street (Balmain), Ona Coffee (Marrickville) and New Shanghai (Ashfield) have not disappointed.


What has inspired you recently?
My family and friends, their ability to adapt to the changing environment and to stay positive (particularly those in stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne).  I’m also recently enjoying podcasts, ABC’s Parental As Anything and The Michelle Obama Podcast for some tips and reflection.


Find out more about Balmain Village Health.

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