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Getting to know…Georgie’s Face Painting & Babysitting

Georgie’s Face Painting offers amazing and creative face painting to Inner West families for a variety of themed children’s parties. With a passion for art, Georgie can create anything your little treasure can think up!

0433 835 970

Tell me a little about yourself
I am in Year 12 at the International Grammar School and am a highly creative person with passion for art and drama. I love painting and drawing, art history, and sport. I also speak French.
Why did you start your face painting business?
A family friend asked me to face paint at their children’s party and I absolutely loved it! It combines my love of art with my love for children and I thought to myself “I could do this as a business.” So I did 🙂
Do you specialise in any particular themes?
I can do anything from rugby league to girly princess parties where I dress up as a princess. Some of the more common themes that come up are Jungle, Peppa Pig, Pirate, Princess, Frozen, Fairy, Superhero, or Rugby League. If I am unsure about a request, I can pull it up on my phone and use that as a guide.
What has been the feedback from the families you have face painted for?
I get on really well with the kids and the parents are often shocked and happy at the creativity I add to my face painting. I receive great feedback and everyone I have painted for have been really happy.
What are your availability and rates?
I am available most weekends as I can schedule my studies and sport around it. I charge $100 for the first hour and then $25 for every 20 minutes thereafter.
You also offer babysitting. What experience have you had and what is your hourly rate?
I have been babysitting for 2 years and have 3 families that I babysit for regularly. I care for children from 3 years and onwards and charge $15 per hour.
What do you like about working with kids?
I love to play games with them and remember all of the fun things that my babysitters used to do with me. I like to act really happy around kids as positivity works well with them. I find it really easy to be with kids as everything is exciting, playful and bubbly, well most of the time anyway. I still love to do the things they do like reading books, colouring in, playing board games, or kicking a ball around.
What inspires you?
Realism art. I love historical art, painting and drawing and if I don’t know how to draw something I make it a competition with myself to learn and get my drawing exactly as the photo I am working from. I freehand too with things I know how to draw like animals for example.
I know you’re only young, but do you know what you are aiming for in life?
I’d like to travel during my gap year and go to France. I speak French and have an exchange student there that I’d like to live with for 6 months. After that I would like to go to university to study design or architecture.
What is your favourite sport and why?
Volleyball – I play it 3 times per week and it is such a great sport. It is a strong team sport that is highly competitive that relies on communication skills and flexibility. I am also on a soccer team for Balmain.
Favourite places in the Inner West
Bowling, Jolly Cafe on Norton St, Bar Italia, Callan Park dog park, The Bay Run, and Leichhardt pool.

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