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Pushpa Prem from Bark Busters Inner West Sydney

Getting to Know: Pushpa Prem of Bark Busters Inner West Sydney

Bark Busters coaches dog owners to train their pet in the home environment using communication and holistic natural methods. Owner of the Inner West Sydney franchise Pushpa Prem shares the benefits of this approach plus some tips on preparing the family dog for the arrival of a baby.

Tell us a little about yourself 

I love dogs and helping people live a better life with their pets. I am so glad to be living back in the inner west with friendly people and the fabulous village feel. I’m grateful for my beautiful family and spending time with human and canine companions. My favourite places in the inner west are the ocean baths, parks and gardens, organic markets, local cafes and specialty shops.

What path led you to becoming a dog trainer? 

When my life circumstances changed I found the perfect match in a business where I could apply my love of dogs and years of experience working with people from all walks of life. I’m living my best life and have coached owners and trained hundreds of dogs over the years. Often people want help to address a specific behavioural issue such as barking or jumping. Many people want to know how to walk their dog on a loose lead. Or they are a first time puppy owner. All any dog owner wants is to live in harmony with their dog. It is so rewarding to show people how to create and nurture a mutually respectful and loving relationship with their canine companion.

Bark Busters offers dog training services in the home. What are the benefits of training a dog in its own environment? 

Bark Busters Home Dog Training is a unique system developed and operating in Australia for 33 years. In-home dog training provides the ideal environment for working on your relationship with your dog because this is where most behaviour issues occur. In most cases, amazing results are achieved in the first hour or two. We use simple dog friendly techniques including body language and voice control.

It’s important people do their own research when choosing a dog trainer as you want a method that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. We know our system works which is why we offer a written life of the dog guarantee.

What are some of the most common behavioural problems you see in dogs? How do you approach these challenging behaviours?

We take the approach “Any Dog, Any Age, Any problem.” We never give up! Every family has different dynamics and expectations so I try to understand the specific challenges the family is facing to solve their particular issues. I work with the owners and their dog according to their temperament using current best practice methods in order to find solutions for the behavioural issues and concerns they have.  Recently one of the most common issues is separation anxiety which is exacerbated by everyone working from home. And barking is one of the top reasons people call us. I can show you and your family how to communicate effectively and happily with your dog so you can live a better life with your dog.

Do you have any tips for preparing a dog for the arrival of a baby?

Congratulations!  When you know you are expecting a baby and also have a dog, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

  • Look at creating ‘no go’ zones for your dog. Set rules and boundaries and stick to them.
  • Buy a doll that looks and sounds like a baby and carry it in your arms. This will help you to see and assess how your dog is reacting to you and ‘baby’.
  • Start being ‘baby and dog’ aware as you’ll need to be able to watch both of them. Any distractions may become a safety issue.
  • Address behaviours which could become problematic – barking, jumping, scratching.

How do you help families with their dogs?

Bark Busters empowers people to become responsible dog owners.  We equip you with the tools and techniques and give insight into how dogs think and behave.  A dog knows how to be a dog!  Our training is natural, gentle and dog-friendly.  We can show you how to live harmoniously with your dog. My clients are pleasantly surprised at how quickly positive changes are achieved.

Recently I helped a family with their dog Tucker, a friendly cattle dog x kelpie rescue. Tucker was interrupting family meals and licking their young toddler’s face. He also liked to follow them everywhere up and down stairs and had to go into every room they went – a classic sign of separation anxiety.  After just one Bark Busters session he was relaxing in his own space.

Three words your clients would use to describe you…

Kind. Generous. Knowledgeable.

Bark Busters Inner West Sydney services 28 postcodes. Call 1800 067 710 or visit
Read Pushpa’s reviews and blogs here: Or complete a free behavioural assessment here:

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