Getting to Know … Sasha Dumaresq of Sasha Dumaresq, Career and Culture Coach

Sasha Dumaresq is the owner of Sasha Dumaresq, Career and Culture Coach, a transformational coaching business that focuses on guiding people to uncover their inner world to create change in the external, including finding a satisfying career. In addition, Sasha works with leaders and businesses in the people space, including workplace wellness, staff attraction, recruitment and retention strategies, and helps to bring diversity and inclusion practices and training to life. She is fascinated by people and passionate about helping individuals and organisations become the very best they can.


Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a specialist in human behaviour and feel deeply connected to the human experience. I’m constantly captivated by people’s life choices, beliefs, values and decisions and love nothing more than getting curious and diving deep to explore these with my clients, friends, and people I’ve just met. People constantly amaze me with their brilliance in just being themselves.

It’s no surprise that my chosen profession is in ‘people’ and I’m a career and culture coach, a speaker and facilitator, and an advocate for fairness and inclusion. I’m driven to make a difference, one person at a time, and am insanely passionate in seeing people grow emotionally into themselves.

I’ve been a coach for three years and previously spent almost a decade as a corporate recruiter, both in an agency and then in a global pharmaceutical business. It’s here that set the foundation of my interest in mentoring and coaching that has become reality years later.

I’m also a mum of three little girls and wife to Canadian-born Jason. I adore our family and the life we have built and continue to build.


Tell us about your transformational career and culture coaching business.

I help you feel better about yourself and your career. It starts with focusing on your inner world to create change in the external. I guide you to uncover the unconscious patterns and behaviours that are holding you back and help you to live a deeply connected life, a life lived with purpose. Part of which is a satisfying career.

On the culture side, I work with leaders and businesses in the people space, including workplace wellness, staff attraction, recruitment and retention strategies, and help to bring diversity and inclusion practices and training to life.


You’re renaming your business – tell us more.  

Yes! I’m in the process of changing my business name to Sasha Dumaresq, Career & Culture Coach. I found that the previous name, Mind Love Co., didn’t really reflect the breadth of what I do. With the new name, there’s no guesswork involved! Plus, new colours. 🙂


What kinds of problems do you help solve for your clients?

My career clients typically come to me in transition, whether it’s going back to work from a break or maternity leave, looking for their next move within an organisation, or a new job, or redefining what they want to do in their career and life.

In saying that, 99.99% of sessions don’t remain on career alone – typically self-esteem and self-worth, relationships and friendships, family, and purpose come up and we explore those areas and resolve past hurts. It’s all connected, you are YOU in all aspects of your life.

We can be our own worst friend – we judge ourselves and tell ourselves we’re not whole, we’re not capable enough, we’re not as good as someone else, and the list goes on. Most of us want to shine yet we don’t know how. I guide people to realise their brilliance and quieten the inner critic. The goal for my clients is for them to know in their core that they are worthy, lovable and enough. We all deserve to feel whole.


What services do you offer?

I offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring to clients ready to take the leap and focus on themselves. I use concepts based in modern psychology, human behaviour and profiling, and Meta Dynamics.

To assess your areas of strength and stretch, I use behavioural profiling tools which help guide your suitability for a new role or career change and this can also be used to decode those around you, including personal or work relationships.

I also offer advice on your CV, interviewing skills and practice, offer negotiation and contact strategies to ensure that when you’re ready for it you have everything you need. These are easy add-ons and come secondary to the inner work.

I find each client has different needs, so our first complimentary session is designed to explore those and to ensure we gel together. The partnership between coach and client, I believe, is best experienced when built on trust and mutual commitment.


What can clients expect from you?

An enthusiastic believer in YOU and a catalyst of change. My clients come to me ready to shift patterns of behaviour and find new ways to think and BE, so that they’re ultimately more content in life and, most importantly, with themselves.

Naturally, confidentiality and trustworthiness is a given, as is a coach who is passionate about you getting what you want, and need, from the partnership.


Best piece of advice you can offer someone who is considering engaging a career or culture coach?

Ensure they are the right fit for you and can offer you what you’re looking for. Ask stacks of questions and be open to what you think your concerns or issues are and also be open to the advice offered. Be ready to dive in and expect to be challenged at times. Your current thinking has got you here and we often need to hear a different perspective to shift. Most of all, honour your commitment to yourself by getting the most you can out of it.


Which podcast has inspired you recently?

So many but one I love at the moment is from Anna and Flori at The Elevatory called Raising her Game – such great tid bits on business and growth.


Favourite places in the Inner West?

I’m in love with Balmain East currently; nothing beats the view and the walks around the harbour on these slightly warmer sunny days. Lovely that a gorgeous breakfast and lunch option just opened – Fenwick.

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