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Chicken Nuggets

Go! Kidz – Nuggets of Gold!

The excellent and health-conscious Go! Kidz team have reimagined and supercharged the humble nugget (both chicken and fish varieties), to ensure that they taste even better than before – and that they are absolutely packed with the maximum nutritional value!

With the recently upgraded nugget recipe, The Inner West Mums put them to the test with our very own little taste-testers.

What’s inside that counts:

Chicken Nuggets - Go Kidz

The magic is in the ‘Supercrumb 2.0’, a mix of wholemeal Panko crumb, quinoa, couscous and six different seeds (Chia, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame, Hemp and Poppy) – which takes nugget nutrition, taste and texture to new levels!

The chicken nuggets are made from Australian free-range, hormone-free chicken breast, with zero preservatives or additives.

What’s more, these nuggets have been designed and created by the Go! Kidz in-house Michelin star chefs!

The taste-test

Our little taste-testers recently put the new Supercrumb 2.0 to the test. Both children, 5 and 7 years old, loved the flavour and crunchy texture and had to guard them like nuggets of gold (from one hungry dad!)

They are affordable, easy, healthy and with the start of school coming up we are stocking up on these for easy meal times.

One of the best things, is knowing that you can prepare a quick and easy meal whilst also knowing that your child will get so much goodness. So whilst the meal is fast, it’s certainly not the fast food that that we grew up with!

Find out more and order yours.

About Go! Kidz

Go! Kidz delivers delicious ready-to-eat meals exclusively for children that are not only healthy but wallet-friendly too. Each recipe has been created with children’s nutritionist, Skye Swaney. The menu is full of yummy family favourites including, cottage pie, lasagne, meatballs and pasta Bolognese and apple crumble. Find out more.

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