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How to Choose a Builder

Having the right team in place, at the right stage of your project, will ensure you stay on the best path towards your ultimate goal: a beautiful home for you and your family to enjoy. Your choice in a builder is vital to ensuring a successful and stress-free project for such a large investment.

We have put together the a list of the top five tips to help you in choosing the right builder for you and your project:

1. Experience & lead times
Firstly, you want to have an experienced builder that has notches on their (tool) belt. But remember, with experience comes demand. Reputable builders are going to have longer lead times, so reaching out at the beginning of your design phase will enable you the best chance of choosing from a selection of Grade A builders.

2. References
Hearing from previous clients enables you to hear true life experiences with your shortlist of builders. Visit jobs in progress with the builder to see projects in action and help get to know your builder.

3. Services provided
Look for full-service builders. New builds and larger renovations require appropriate permits and approvals. Dealing with councils can be time-consuming and daunting if you do not have experience in it – and some builders choose not to. The advantage of working with a Design and Construct builder is that they have a team of experienced people that can remove the stress out of this process and guide you through the planning application process.

4. Accurate quote
Whilst this could be the largest single investment in your life, for possibly the largest asset – make sure you get an accurate quote. Be aware that “free quotes” are often very general, can be rushed and can serve as an indication that the builder has not given your project due diligence.

Putting your design out for tender to multiple builders once it is complete can be the best strategy to seek out the cheapest, most desperate builder in your area. Although the cheapest quote may be appealing, it is not always the best. Check that you are comparing apples with apples. Take into account the builders experience, testimonials and past projects.

5. Design matters
Working with a design and construct builder or having accurate cost consulting included in your design phase is absolutely fundamental. Waiting to find a builder once you are almost ready to build, with the design and approvals complete, opens you up to a lot of cost surprises because the costs of changing the design are now at their highest.


Baker Developments is a luxury residential builder, managing design and construct or pure construction projects with high level of effectiveness and professionalism.

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