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All about science!
My son turned 8 earlier this year.  It’s an interesting age because he’s not quite a teenager but no longer a little boy.  His experiences with the world are changing and so are his interests.  Lucky for me, he’s into all things science at the moment which made the theme for this year’s birthday celebrations very easy!
I have to admit it was an exceptionally busy time of the year (and the thought of entertaining twenty 8 year old kids (mainly boys) scared the crap out of me! So I outsourced this entertaining! However, if you are brave enough to tackle a party like this for yourself then read on – I have your science party tricks all covered!

Party food
Keep it simple! The kids will be more interested in the science activities and playing together than the food on offer.  I often make simple wraps or sandwiches, homemade sausage rolls, frozen fruit and yogurt or fruit sticks.  Anything they can pick up and run with is perfect!

It’s all about the cake…
My son and I designed his cake together.  He wanted a scientist on there and an experiment.  I am totally in love with hand painting at the moment so I jumped on the opportunity to create this for my son.

The written word…
I LOVE stationery.  I really feel that the invitation sets the mood for the party.  I designed this super cute invitation for my son’s birthday party.  His party had a space theme to the science so I incorporated that into the design.  All invitations from deliciously yours are printed on beautiful thick card stock and come with matching envelopes.

Science activities
Ooey gooey slime!
This was so much fun and very popular with the kids.  A word of warning – do this one outside because it got a teeny bit messy!
What you need
1/2 cup PVA glue
1/2 cup cold water
food colouring
5 tbsp Borax (found in the cleaning aisle of supermarkets)
1 cup of hot water
What to do
Mix 1/2 a cup of glue and half a cup of cold water in a bowl.  Add your food colouring. 

In a separate glass jug dissolve a tablespoon of Borax into one cup of hot water. Add a few more teaspoons of Borax, a little at a time until no more Borax will dissolve into the water.
Add the Borax mixture to the gluey mixture and give it a stir. A blob should form in water. Pick the blob out and knead it until it takes shape as a sticky ball of goo.

Rainbow glasses
These were super fun and a little bit weird.  These glasses split white light into rainbows and are perfect for learning about light!  These can be purchased on line from Fizzics Education and are inexpensive.

Make your own volcano
What you need
100 ml vinegar
4 tablespoons of bicarbonate soda mixed in 150mL water
150ml detergent
A few drops of Orange or Red Food Colouring
A 500mL container
What to do
Mix the detergent, food colouring and vinegar in the 500 mL container. Set the mixture outside, or at least in a place where the kids can make a mess!  Stir the bicarbonate soda with the water in a glass… when it’s mixed add it to the 500mL flask!

Sticky static electricity
What you need
1 water balloon
1 balloon pump
1 cotton shirt
What to do
Fill the water balloon with air using the balloon pump.  Rub the balloon on your shirt quickly for 10 seconds. Place the balloon against a wall and feel the energy!

Dress up
Kids of all ages love dress up!  Buy some fun lab coats and scientist glasses from your local $2 shop or on-line.  I played a little game where I chose one child to wear the lab coat and glasses for 10 minutes and then pass it onto a friend.  By the end of the party each child had worn the scientist outfit.  I took funny-faced photos of each child dressed up and sent it to their mums!
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Celebrating firsts with sanity – deliciously yours

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