Leap Year Proposal

Throughout history it has been traditional for men to propose to women, but once every four years, on 29 February, women are “allowed” to propose to men. Here is my story about how I surprised my future husband and to encourage other woman to declare their love more often.
Andy and I met at University fourteen years ago, and after years of dating, travelling, moving across the world, buying a house and having two kids you could say we have survived longer than most marriages. We even brought an engagement ring together on a lovely Valentine’s Weekend in the Lake District, so marriage has always been on our ‘to-do list’, something we both want but we seem too busy on our adventure to organise it.
Having two cherubs has certainly changed the focus of our relationship, it shouldn’t be an excuse to be less romantic but when you haven’t slept properly for six months the red roses and grand gestures do slip down the priority order. With all the patience and love soaked up by our little boys I sometimes feel the tank is getting low by the time Daddy is home, and certainly empty come night time. So the main reason I wanted to surprise Andy on the leap year was not to just propose, but also to remind him how much we do love him and how much we appreciate him.
I love surprising people, mainly playing pranks, so my aim was to make sure this plan was personal. I wanted Andy to be confused, slightly peeved then overwhelmed and delighted! My idea was to do a bit of hide and seek where he would think we were meeting him somewhere (to annoy him a little bit) but instead he’d be lead to several points around the city before finding us (to delight him – hopefully).
After enlisting the help of some beautiful mums, who although I hadn’t met before, I felt committed and confident that I could at least pull something together with their help. There would be three check points, little gifts, a lovely picnic, an old granny (the future me) and a message from the boys saying “Are You Gonna Marry Mummy Or What?’,Oh yes, and balloons, lots of helium balloons.
With my sons by my side to keep it light-hearted I can honestly say I only felt a tiny bit nervous, I knew he would love it and would say yes! It all worked out brilliantly, and despite a long wait while he caught a ferry and an interrupted speech by an excited two-year old, I would highly recommend it. In fact, if you would like to remind your partner how much you still like them, or even to encourage him down the aisle then I suggest the leap year is the perfect occasion. And if you have been waiting fourteen years then another four won’t hurt will it?
As with any proposal it is highly advisable that you can predict the outcome, if he’s mentioned he wants to grow old and grey together then you’re onto a winner. Make sure you won’t offend him, maybe just check the back of his drawers for a little box containing something shiny, he may already be planning to surprise you. If, like me, you’ve known about this shiny thing for years then proceed. Remember to keep it personal and above all enjoy it!
Guest Contributor:
Gemma Puplett
Photo credit to:
Dee Rose

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