Matching motherhood with a rewarding career

A successful career, financial independence and quality family time – Dani Stokes enjoys it all as an Aussie Broker.
Dani wears many hats – mum, wife and businesswoman – and she does it all with an easy, relaxed style. Speak with Dani for just a few minutes, and it’s clear why her Aussie customers gravitate to her. She’s warm, a good listener, and genuinely passionate about helping people.
Importantly, Dani believes her role as an Aussie Broker has delivered the right balance. “I can choose to work flexible hours during the week. It really depends on what’s going on with the kids, their school and my family commitments,” she says.
A flexible role
Far from being tied to an office all day, Dani is a mobile broker, who travels to meet clients in their home, workplace or even a local café. Her role centres around helping her customers select the home loan that’s right for their needs and supporting them through the loan application process.
“Choosing to become an Aussie Broker was a mindful decision for me,” says Dani. “I’ve always been driven to help people achieve their goals, and I wanted to build a career where I could be part of something I felt I belonged to.”
Personal qualities matter most
Dani previously worked in human services, but her lack of finance industry experience certainly wasn’t a problem. “Personal qualities are what really matters,” says Dani. “As an Aussie Broker you need to be approachable, friendly, patient, and a relationship builder, which are exactly the qualities that mums tend to have.”
Looking back, Dani says, “I started with zero knowledge, and yes, it was like a tsunami of learning at first. However, Aussie’s training system is both comprehensive and holistic. After I completed my initial training I felt so proud that I was able to piece it all together.”
Three years into the role, Dani knows she can always count on Aussie’s support network for professional tips and insights if there’s anything she’s unsure about. “Aussie’s culture is all about supporting the ‘Aussie family’,” she says. “So it’s good to know I can tap into the experience and thoughts of my colleagues at any time.”
Relishing the financial rewards
While flexible working hours are just one of the benefits Dani enjoys as an Aussie Broker, the financial rewards are there too. “Aussie offers a great remuneration system, and my career as an Aussie Broker has made a valuable difference. As a family of keen travellers we’re certainly enjoying more overseas ski holidays these days!” beams Dani.
In fact, Dani is notching up achievements on a variety of fronts. She explains, “I am a happy and successful mother, wife and businesswoman. I have identity and self-esteem. I‘m not just earning a living, I’m building a career. I’m proud of that – and so is my family.”
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