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The Friday People bag as a beach bag

Review: A Perfect Everyday Bag by The Friday People

We all know how important it is to match the right bag with the right occasion. It’s the most important accessory we have, as it transports our many and necessary worldly belongings. The aspirational designer bags – both elegant and chic – that many of us dreamt about, worked towards and eventually spent ludicrous amounts of money on, still have a place (rare solo missions and nights out) but have mostly been replaced by large, non-descript and functional ‘mum’ bags – hardly the stuff of dreams! But functional no longer means boring, thanks to one very clever Sydney-based Mum, who created The Friday People. (P.S keep scrolling for an IWM exclusive offer!)

Mum Bag…to Beach Bag…to Overnight Bag

The Friday People have thoughtfully designed their bags so that they are both practical and versatile, whilst still scoring cool points. There’s an array of designs to choose from, and if anything, you’ll struggle to choose just one. Each bag is water resistant and has a waterproof inner lining, which can withstand water bottle spills or wet swimmers and towels. There are waterproof zipped pockets within the bag to keep valuables safe and secure. The bags are generously big, extremely lightweight and are machine washable, so taking care of them is a sinch.

The Friday People tote bag on Coogee beach
Boy looking in bag on beach
[Above: Savannah Carryall Tote from The Friday People, photo by Anna Jameson]

The Friday People offer two bags: the Everyday Tote and the Carryall Tote. Both of which, the Inner West Mums team have put to a vigorous road test on everyday visits to the park and larger family outings. The Everyday Tote is the smaller of the two, but it is still generously sized and big enough to carry everything you need for a family day out. Think trips to the park, local shops, play dates etc. Whilst the Carryall Tote literally carries everything! It’s ideal for a family trip to the beach, pool, a picnic or even a weekend away.

What We Loved

Design: There are many designs to choose from and all of them are effortlessly cool. Think up-scale beachy, Hamptons-style cool. Unlike other larger bags that I have owned, I was genuinely excited to wear these out and on more than one occasion, received compliments from people in the street.

Fabric designs by The Friday People

[Above: Carryall and Everyday Tote bags from The Friday People, photo by Anna Jameson]

The Friday People carryall tote bag

Size:  The Everyday Tote – like the name suggests, is perfect for everyday use. This became my go-to bag which held everything I needed for me and my youngest (four year old). I could easily fit his lunch box, two water bottles, spare clothes, baby wipes, sunscreen, an umbrella and all my other essentials – and it was super convenient and light to carry. The internal pockets were really handy because everything had a place and was easy to find with little-to-no rummaging needed.

Packed bag for the beach

[Above: Carryall Tote from The Friday People, photo by Anna Jameson]

The Carryall Tote – This very much became essential for weekends, when two became four and I needed extra room to carry EVERYTHING (you know how we do) for the family! I could easily fit everything that went into the Everyday Tote but get four beach towels, extra lunch boxes and water bottles in – without it being a tight squeeze and being sturdy enough to carry the load. Also, note-worthy, are the handles, which are super comfy too.

Fabric: Durable and tough, The Friday People bags are stain-resistant and water-resistant, designed to withstand trips to and from the waves. The inner lining is waterproof too, so drenched towels and soaked-through swimmers can easily be stashed in one of the zipper pockets and do not ruin the interior. If there are larger food spills, no worries – the bags are machine washable!

Inside of The Friday People bag

[Above: Everyday Tote zip pockets, photo by Anna Jameson]

Fixings and pockets: Both the Carryall and Everyday have four large internal, zipper and waterproof pockets for valuables so everything is secure and you don’t need to rummage around looking for your keys. This was especially great for beach visits, because we could (finally) keep phones and keys free of sand! The tote has been designed with attention to detail and all fixings are very high quality.

Everyday Tote zip

[Above: Zip detail on the Everyday ‘Wanderer’ tote, photo by Anna Jameson]

The Genuine Lowdown

The Friday People have absolutely nailed it, and now I don’t leave home without one of their totes. It’s literally been everywhere with me: beach, boat ride, parties, picnics, grocery shopping and I have had lots of compliments along the way!

….and btw, The Friday People bags aren’t just for Fridays, they are for EVERYDAY!

The Friday People are offering Inner West Mums a 30% discount until November 30. Use the code INNERWESTMUMS at checkout.

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