Should I Buy a Weatherboard?

From Birchgrove to Concord, Leichhardt to Drummoyne, the Inner West is scattered with weatherboard cottages of all sizes, shapes and descriptions. Licensed buyers agent and expert in Sydney real estate, Nick Viner of Buyers Domain explains. 
Love them or loathe them, weatherboard houses are polarising. Some people are seduced by their street appeal and charm. Others begrudge the additional maintenance and threat of termites. In some areas such as the Balmain Peninsula, people can end up paying a premium for a weatherboard as it is in keeping with the look and feel of the suburb and has enormous street appeal. In other areas where weatherboards are uncommon and almost out of place, they may end up selling for up to 20 per cent less than brick homes.
Weatherboards are not for everyone and the downsides to owning a weatherboard home are:

  1. Frequent repainting. In the harsh Australian climate, you may find yourself repainting a weatherboard home more often than you would expect.
  2. The cost and inconvenience of pest inspections and keeping termites at bay. Unfortunately, timber is prone to termite attack. To minimise the risk of termite attack, owners have to keep vigilant and should consider annual or even six-monthly pest inspections.
  3. The additional costs for heating and cooling. These houses are notorious for being difficult to heat and cool as the seasons change. This may be a real deal-breaker for some people, especially since these properties are not generally able to be made eco-friendly. While some updates can be made to help these houses heat and cool, such as superior windows and loft insulation, the reality is these properties are far more exposed to the elements than brick houses.

On the other hand, many people love the enduring charm and cachet of weatherboards enough to overlook these difficulties. They may prefer the more traditional Australian look to a brick and mortar regardless of the cost and maintenance bills.
What is your choice in the matter? Is a weatherboard the right type of property for you?
For more information about the right type of property for your needs and how to find it, call Nick Viner today on 0405 134 645.
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