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Social and emotional development at preschool

The preschool years are a very exciting and important time for children. The years between three and five are when learning and development really accelerates. The skills children start to develop at PLC Sydney Preschools over this period will help them thrive as they enter school. We support not only teaching and learning during this time but also the social and emotional growth your child will go through.

Located in Ashfield, PLC Sydney Preschools is a new centre open to both girls and boys. We pride ourselves on nurturing the whole child and preparing them for a really strong start to school. And as a recipient of funding from the NSW Government’s Start Strong program, we are able to offer reduced fees to our students for 2022.

What kind of social skills will my child start to learn?
During the preschool years your child will start to learn about different social skills and how to deal with them. When your child is attending preschool, these skills will be developed quicker as they will be in a classroom with other children and will need to utilise these skills.

There are a range of different skills they will start to learn and pick up that will help them socially. Some of the skills that they will start to learn include:

  • How to interact with other children and adults
  • How to start or continue a conversation with someone else
  • They will learn about sharing and the importance of it
  • Your child will learn about routines and how to stick to them
  • They will learn about playing with other children, looking out for them, and working together as a team to accomplish their goals
  • Your child will start to learn empathy and sympathy towards others if they are hurt or upset. They may even begin to comfort them to make them feel better.

What kind of emotional skills will my child start to learn?
The preschool age is a time when your child will start to notice they have a range of different emotions. During these years, it may be hard for them to understand how to deal with the different emotions and the appropriate way to handle them. At PLC Sydney Preschools we spend time looking at the Zones of Regulation and how to recognise and cope with different emotions.

If your child is attending preschool it can help them to learn how to deal with the different emotions in a healthy way. Some skills that they may learn include:

  • How to express their emotions through speaking.
  • Different ways to express their emotions, such as taking quiet time, distracting themselves with a different activity or putting their emotions on paper through arts and crafts.
  • They will learn about the different emotions, what they mean and how they may react to them.
  • Your child will be given the opportunity to express themselves and talk about their feelings.

How does preschool help with social and emotional development?

PLC Sydney Preschool

Preschool helps young children in a range of different ways. While academics and preparing them for the academic aspect of starting school is important, we also focus heavily on the importance of getting them ready socially and emotionally.

Preschool gives them a chance to begin their social interactions, play with other children and grasp the concept of a wide variety of social situations. We have a strong play-based learning focus and children will learn to speak to, play with and build relationships with other children.

The preschool age is a glorious time. Your children are sponges, developing new skills and furthering those they may already have. By enrolling your child into a preschool program, you can help to nurture and encourage their growth and development. Giving them the best head start into their next journey.

PLC Sydney Preschools is open to boys and girls from 3-5 years of age. We provide exceptional early education for children and are located in the heart of Ashfield. We offer personalised tours for families who are interested in seeing our centre.

Visit to book a tour or to find out more information.

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