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RPA Genetic Carrier Survey

Take Part in RPA’s Reproductive Genetic Carrier Survey

Attention mum’s of the Inner West, RPAH Women’s and Babies needs your help.

Reproductive Genetic Carrier Screening Survey

What is the purpose of the survey?
While most babies are born healthy, every couple has a small risk of having a child with a genetic disorder. For healthy couples without a family history of a genetic disorder that risk is approximately 1-2 per 100 couples. These conditions range from those that are mild and treatable through to some that are severe and life-threatening. It is also now possible for couples to find out whether they are at risk of passing on these genetic conditions to their future children. This is called reproductive genetic carrier screening and includes conditions such as cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy and Fragile X syndrome. While this is not currently routinely offered in our antenatal clinics, it is a service we would like to develop. By answering the questions below you will assist us in developing this service for future patients.


Your support is appreciated, thank you. 

This study was approved by Sydney Local health District Human Research Ethics Committee.

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