Wardrobe Wonders – How to Create a De-cluttered and Organised Wardrobe – for Everyone in Your House

Did you know that there is a ‘week’ for this? A week dedicated for de-cluttering and organising. A week dedicated to talk about it and get over the shame it provides for some. This year NOW (National Organising Week) is from 7-12 March and the The Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) is celebrating it with a wardrobe theme.
As with everything organising, there is, and should be, a different solution for everyone. We are all different and assuming a kid’s wardrobe is just a smaller version of our own might be the reason it is hard to keep tidy.
Once your kids reached an independent age and dress themselves you might find that they tend to pull the whole wardrobe apart – just to find the outfit they are looking for (or to annoy you!!!).
Separate out clothing into categories, one per drawer, or, if you don’t have enough drawers, one per container on a shelf. Label, bright and colourful and with pictures for the non-readers. Teach you kids how you like it, get them involved with re-doing the wardrobe, let them have a choice in décor, develop some ‘wardrobe pride’ with them. Once they are around 5 years of age they should then be very capable of putting away their own laundry.
Individual solutions are the key to success and I know this is not always easy; maybe the wardrobe you have doesn’t support your effort, it’s really too small or your partner takes over too much space. There are solutions to retro fit and get over these obstacles. But first, you need to de-clutter and hopefully you will not have as many items as before to store.
Take out every item of the area you want to de-clutter and ask yourself:
• Do I love it?
• Do I need it?
• Is it useful?
If the answer is NO to all three of these – the bin, or the local charity shop are your best friend. Once de-cluttered these are a couple of pointers to ask yourself when trying to find the best spot for your clothes – and be aware: you don’t have to tick all the boxes, most time, in your household, they will contradict each other.
• Store ‘like with like’
• Store where you use it
• Easy to find
• Easy away
• Where you look for it
If you then need to optimise your space, look into shelves you can mount in the wardrobe, or a bookshelf that fits under the hanging rod to house your shoes. There are companies that retro-fit drawers and lots of shops to buy gadgets. Also look at the way you store things in your wardrobe. Folded T-shirts in a drawer are a waste of valuable drawer space as you always just see the top T-Shirt. But if you just through all your PJs in that could work very well. Everything knitted, and that would include the above mentioned T-shirts, is best folded as hangers make it sag at the shoulders or even poke holes through.
Have you ever thought about rolling T-Shirts. Fold a very narrow rectangle, roll up and stack upright in a drawer. One view and you see all you have. Or stack on a shelf. Same goes for towels. Saves space and I love it because I think the towels get softer with the rolling. Try it, think outside the square, find different solutions for everyone in your family (we have three boys, two have their t-shirts rolled, one folded!!). Question your routines and identify what doesn’t work – and keep going if something works!
Here is a fun video I produced some years ago on ‘how to fold a T-Shirt in 15 seconds’
My Industry association AAPO will, for National Organising Week, produce some helpful wardrobe wonder videos. Follow us on facebook and see for yourself during NOW and watch the teaser video here.

This article was written as a collaboration between Georgie Rees from Clutterfly and Susanne Thiebe from LessMess; both (AAPO) registered and accredited Expert Professional Organisers to celebrate NOW week and do wardrobe wonders.
A Professional Organiser provides education; hands on help and moral support to assist clients find balance and restore order to their lives. A Professional Organiser can make a noticeable contribution to the effectiveness of homes and workplaces.
AAPO, a not for profit, was incorporated in November 2005 and is the peak body for Professional Organisers in the Australasian region. Over 230 members share a passion for organising, developing the industry and undertaking ongoing professional development to offer clients the highest standard of service.

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