Embracing Autism: A Facebook Live Discussion

On Tuesday 1 May 2018 at 8 pm the Inner West Mums will host a Facebook Live event, Embracing Autism: A Facebook Live Discussion, shining a positive light on autism.
Our discussion panel will feature three Inner West Mums who are passionate about shifting the way we think about autism – moving beyond the traditional focus on deficits and difficulties towards an optimistic and strengths-based view and a place of genuine acceptance. Our lead panel member is a prominent local advocate who has lived experience of being autistic.
The conversation will cover:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • What is the neurodiversity movement all about?
  • What do people mean when they talk about an ‘autism spectrum’?
  • I know my child is different. Is there really value in having an ‘autistic’ label?
  • My child has just received an autism spectrum diagnosis, now what?
  • What does a diagnosis look like when parents have already embraced neurodiversity?
  • My friend’s child has just been diagnosed with autism. How can I offer my support?
  • Why do people talk so much about presuming competence?
  • Why are functioning labels damaging?
  • What are some of the do’s and don’ts in this parenting journey?
  • How can I connect with the autistic community?
  • What are the benefits of allowing my child to connect with other autistic kids?
  • What are some of the pro-acceptance organisations driving change in the way we think about autism?

One of our panel members says: ‘Autism can certainly come with significant challenges, but many of them are due to the fact that our world is not set up well to accommodate and embrace those who are different. This is why autism acceptance is so critical. At its core, acceptance means listening to autistic voices, valuing and respecting people for who they are and working to make the world a more welcoming place.’
It will be a positive, insightful and respectful discussion that will hopefully change the way in which many in this community think about autism and other forms of neurodiversity.
If you wish to read more about autism, an excellent place to start is the Autism Acceptance Month site, an initiative of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, which offers tailored resources for self-advocates, parents, educators and employers.
Cover image supplied: Bungy Heart
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