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Getting to Know: Katie Nancarrow of Osteo Plus

When Katie Nancarrow’s midwife mum would tell stories of her day around the dinner table, little did she know this would spark not only a curiosity with the human body, but her daughter’s professional interest in helping pregnant women stay physically well too.

Osteopaths can help with pregnancy and post-partum issues, from round ligament pain to pelvic floor weakness. Ms Nancarrow gives Inner West Mums a rundown on how.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m an osteopath working with the lovely Hedley Chinn at Osteo Plus in Leichhardt.

I moved to the inner west two years ago from Newcastle. I’ve got to say, I do miss the beach, but the food here can’t be beaten!

My mum, Donna, is a midwife, and she shared all sorts of stories over the dinner table. I think that‘s probably where my curiosity with the human body began. And now, many years later, I have a professional curiosity and wonderment about childbirth, along with all the physiological changes that accompany it.

What do you love most about what you do?

I find it really rewarding to support women during pregnancy. To help make their lives a little easier and a little less painful.

I do also love treating babies, they bring lots of fun and we can get relief for them for things like colic and feeding issues.

Are there any common issues or ailments that osteopathy can help with? And what does an osteopathic treatment generally involve?

As osteopaths we treat a really wide range of pain and dysfunction in the body. This includes issues specific to pregnancy, like pelvic pain (for example round ligament pain and pubic symphysis dysfunction). As well as issues that occur after birth as well, such as pelvic floor weakness or general pain and lack of strength.

In a treatment at Osteo Plus we will ask a lot of questions, do some testing, and then its treatment time! An osteopathic treatment is very holistic and very hands on. Our goal is to get your whole body moving and working well together so that no one spot is copping all the stress and load, which results in pain.

With so many more people working from home as a result of Covid, what are some related issues clients are coming to see you with? What can people do at home to make this situation easier on the body?

Our work spaces just aren’t set up well, which leads to huge problems. My advice is do some research and fix up your desk ergonomics. Change things around so you look straight ahead and have your elbows in close to your body. You’ll see any headaches or shoulder pain start to go away.

What are your favourite places in the inner west?

I love the open space of Outfield, a local café in Ashfield. It’s all greenery and delicious coffee. What a delight!

Osteo Plus, 187 Marion St, Leichhardt, 9518 0688, osteoplus.com.au


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