What is Montessori Education you may ask!

It is a method of educating the ‘whole child’ in order to help the child reach their full potential.
Concepts appropriate to the level of the child are taught, with emphasis on individual and small group tuition. Children learn through practicing tasks rather than listening and having to remember. The Montessori Methodology emphasises practical applied learning incorporating the use of carefully designed materials.
Multi-aged class structures ensure strong relationships develop between staff, students and their families as children remain with the same teacher for two to three years. This structure fosters the development of a sense of community and responsibility.
In our Montessori school (from ages 3 to 6), the teaching and learning is designed to encourage the children to take responsibility for their own learning. They are taught to make good choices, complete their work in a prescribed time, develop their independence and work collaboratively. They are encouraged to believe in themselves with a realistic view of their abilities, gifts and areas that require extra work.
Our Parent Toddler sessions (for children under 3) provide an opportunity for parents and children to begin a Montessori educational experience together. Children and parents together can explore and learn in a warm, friendly and nurturing environment underpinned by Montessori teaching methods.
Through stimulating hands-on and practical life activities, these sessions lay the foundations of future learning by developing a broad range of skills to foster independence, self discipline and confidence, while children engage with others in a safe, caring environment.
In this supportive environment, parents are provided with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the social development and educational needs of their children. These sessions also provide opportunities for parents to share ideas with each other, make friends and to become a part of our Montessori community.
The Preschool sessions cater for children from 3 years of age to 6 years. Children can attend for 5 mornings and up to 5 afternoons. The children are encouraged to become independent and to pursue their own interests. Our teachers facilitate their learning and development through careful observation and planning.
The activities provided allow for a child’s concentration to develop naturally. We aim to create a learning environment that encourages and inspires our children to be attracted to, and in awe of, the wonders of the world.
Our ultimate goal is to create a lasting love of learning that will assist them to realise their natural and unique potential. By respecting and nurturing individual needs and abilities, our teachers encourage an enjoyment of learning, intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth, independence, and a sense of community.

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