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Inner West Mums’ Climate Change Initiative – Every Little Step

Over recent weeks and prompted by the devastating bushfires, members of our community have expressed growing concern about the climate crisis. Many individuals have expressed a desire to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle and to help make the world a better place for our children.

Some of the biggest obstacles we face when it comes to making an actual difference, is the sheer size of that task and knowing where to begin. For many years we have been marketed a stream of conveniences, products and services, which are designed to make our lives easier or more comfortable. Unfortunately, there is often a cost to this ease or comfort. Often, where we benefit by saving time and money, there’s a price being paid elsewhere and sometimes, sometimes, it’s the environment footing that bill.

To reduce that bill, we need to become more aware and discerning consumers, and start changing our habits permanently. That’s bound to feel overwhelming at first, especially in the shadow of the busy and expensive lives that we already lead. If we’ve come to rely on unsustainable conveniences and luxuries, finding alternative options can be easier in theory than in practice – especially if we try to change everything at once. Trying to tackle the problem alone can feel even harder.

Inner West Mums’ Weekly Challenge

In 2020, Inner West Mums will host a series of weekly challenges that everyone in the community can join in with, supporting each other along the way. The goal is to break the ultimate task down to many smaller parts, so that we are all leading more sustainable lives this time next year. There’s no ‘one size fits all’. Each challenge will be tiered with a small, medium and big step, so every individual can choose to do what is achievable for their own family and lifestyle. You are welcome to participate in as many or as few of the challenges as you like. Every little step still makes a difference. New challenges will be released every Friday throughout 2020. And the best bit? We will be in it together, as a community.

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Every Little Step Challenge – Week 1: Re-home something, to decrease it’s ‘resources per use’ cost


Introducing Inner West Mums…

Inner West Mum - Cheryl EdwardsCheryl Edwards

Over the course of the year, Cheryl Edwards, an Inner West mum who recently posted about her own intention to make 52 changes, will be writing a series of articles focusing on the daily habits we can all change at home. Cheryl will explore a range of issues from greener investing, to the growth of fast fashion. She will investigate the true impact of our consumer habits, how they shape the future of our planet, and what viable alternatives exist.

Nicola RoseNicola Rose

Meanwhile, Nicola Rose, another Inner West Mum, whose letter to Anthony Albanese recently went viral, will be leading the charge of activism beyond our own homes and families. Nicola learned to use her voice online to steer positive change, and invites you all to join her in this mission. She will endeavour to write to key players in the climate change arena, asking them to do more for the future of our planet and our children. We invite all members of our community to back Nicola’s efforts by supporting petitions, or writing their own letters to echo her sentiments.


We also hope to organise some exciting events, bringing the families in our community together to take some tangible, positive steps towards helping our environment.

This is the time to work together and act as a positive force for the planet, helping create a better environment for our children in the future.  We welcome all members of our community, regardless of their current starting point, to join in with these challenges and be part of that movement.

Guest author: Inner West Mum, Cheryl Edwards

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