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Lara Creber

Getting to Know … Lara Creber of Healthy Habit Fitness

Lara Creber is the Founder and Head Trainer of Inner West-based personal training business, Healthy Habit Fitness. From a young age Lara had a love for sport and exercise, but it wasn’t until her move to Australia that the outdoor lifestyle reignited her passion. In addition to being a Personal Trainer, Lara represented NSW and captained Sydney Uni at AFL and remember the Rainbow Run? Well, Lara organised it! Read on to get to know Lara.


Tell us a little about yourself

I’ve lived between the Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs for the last 17 years and am currently living in Erskineville. I moved here from the UK when I was 23 and am about to celebrate my 40th, where did the time go!

After finally accepting that I was never going to be a surfer – because I was hopeless (!) – I turned to playing AFL, which I found to be much more up my street! I grew up with three older brothers, so I loved the physical side of the game and through playing it, discovered a family away from home. I represented NSW and captained Sydney Uni for five years. I’ve made life long friends through AFL and learnt so much team sport. I have since transferred a lot of the skills to my group training with Healthy Habit Fitness.

Nowadays, I train for triathlons with my partner and am trying to teach my 17-month-old stepson how to kick!


What did you do prior to setting up Healthy Habit Fitness?
After I completed a Geography degree in Manchester (Northern England), I came to Australia and worked at Tamarama café for a few years. To go from Manchester to Tamarama beach life was an absolute dream come true! I used to be so excited to start my day with a quick run to the beach and an ocean swim before work. That said, I got to a point in my life where I needed more, so I went back to my true love of sport and completed my PT qualifications. I worked in several gyms until I made the move out on my own.


What motivated you to become a Personal Trainer?
A guy we used to call ‘Long Black’ used to come down to the café and I always admired his lifestyle. He would work a few hours in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon, get a tan – and live on smoothies! (I later realised that this was not the full story!)

Growing up, sport and exercise were not only a passion, but the area where I excelled most. However, from a young age, I was discouraged to follow that path as a career. I know I’m a good motivator and I love people, so when I heard what a PT was, it just made sense to me! I remember the moment so vividly, and I’ve never looked back.


What makes Healthy Habit Fitness different from other personal training businesses?
Apart from our free childcare service, it is our one percenter’s. We go the extra mile at HHF to make you feel welcome, give everyone the workout they need, guide you to reach your goals, give you lots of motivation and advice, have social events and most of all we have a good laugh along the way! Humour gets you though most things in my book.


What programs do you offer?
Throughout the year, we have five different challenges that you can jump into at any time. All training is tailored to suit your fitness levels and lifestyle. We have a ‘Kick Starter’, that is a two-week trial and a one-on-one fitness assessment and goal setting session that you do at the start. This is so we have a full understanding of where you are at and what you want to get out of the sessions. We are predominantly a mums and mubs group and we have bootcamp sessions too.


What is the most inspiring experience you have had with a client? OR What is the highlight of your career so far?
I’d have to say Rainbow Run. Rainbow Run was a Mardi Gras event I created to support same sex marriage. We raised $25,000 for the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. It was a lot of work but so much fun. It was a huge family day where you walked or ran 6km in a colour from the rainbow. We had drag queens chasing you with water pistols and we came together at the end to form a huge human rainbow.


What are your top three tips for busy mums wanting to stay fit and healthy?

1. Consistency is key. Try and keep your walks/ workouts as consistent as you can and you will see an improvement in your fitness.

2. Something is better than nothing. I know some days are harder than others –but if you can – on those hectic days, squeeze in just a short walk, jog or workout. It will not only help your mental health, but keep you on the right path physically too. It is often too easy to put something off until the next day, but this can lead to a week, and another week. Be realistic with what you can do, small and often is better than a big workout now and then.

3. Start small and slowly build up. What you plan needs to be realistic, it’s better to feel like you have worked at 50% of your effort levels than 100%, at the start. This way you’re more likely to do it again. In time you will naturally start to work a bit harder without even realising. Be kind to yourself, you have been through a lot physically and mentally.. and still are!


What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to once the pandemic is behind us?
Travel. Like most, I’ve had to cancel travel plans so look forward to going away. Saying that, however, I feel very lucky to be living in Australia in this current climate.


Favourite places in the Inner West?
Petersham swimming pool, great for kids; Steel Park water play area, Sydney Park playground; and generally all the cafes and restaurants it has to offer.


Who inspires you?
To be honest with you, the mums that train with me inspire me. Every day, sleep or no sleep, they get up, turn up and get through the workout supporting each other. Women supporting women. It can be a mission to get to training sometimes but everyone pushes through and reaps the rewards. It really is an absolute pleasure to train such amazing women.


Fitness, make it a habit! Check out Healthy Habit Fitness website for more information.


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