Getting to Know… Sasha Dumaresq of Mind Love Co. Coaching

Sasha Dumaresq is the owner of Mind Love Co. Coaching, a transformational coaching business that focuses on guiding people to uncover and become who they truly are at the core of themselves. Sasha loves supporting her clients to recognise their abilities and strengths so that they can live their best life. Sasha currently has an offer for Inner West Mums.
Tell us about yourself.
I’m a mum to three beautiful children born in less than four years and married to an amazing Canadian man, Jason. We met while I was living in Vancouver, Canada after I had worked a ski season in Banff. It was a whirlwind romance: we moved to Sydney seven months after we met and close to 13 years later, we’re still here!
I am the eldest of five kids, the only girl with four younger brothers. Growing up in our house felt like utter mayhem, though strangely addictive, and even now when we’re all together I feel a sense of peace within the chaos that a large family brings. Family and watching others grow and develop is my passion and life’s work.
Tell us about Mind Love Co. Coaching.
Mind Love Co. is a transformational coaching business that focuses on guiding people to uncover and become who they truly are at the core of themselves. As a result you are able to have more intimate relationships and a more contented life built on the foundations of self-love and self-trust.
What did you do prior to becoming a transformational life coach?
Aside from being an admin for Inner West Mums for the past three years, I also managed social media for one of Australia’s leading parenting experts, and one of Australia’s leading baby sleep consultants, while bringing up my babies at home.
 Prior to having children, I spent nine years in executive corporate recruitment for a global recruitment firm with more than six of those years in-house at a global pharmaceutical company. It was here that I became aware of coaching and the joy of mentoring someone to success. Many of our internal staff members wished to develop their careers within the organisation so I mentored them on direction, focus, and upskilling. At the time the best feeling for me was watching someone focus their efforts to gain their dream role.
What inspired you to become a transformational life coach?
For as long as I can remember I have been interested in human behaviour and supporting others, likely influenced by my parents who have dedicated their own lives to improving the lives of others. Coupled with the pure enjoyment mentoring in corporate provided me, meeting my own coach really cemented it for me. The transformation our sessions provided showed me what’s possible.
What are the various services you offer?
I offer personal, career, and small business coaching in person at my office in Rozelle, or via telephone or Skype. Topics include confidence and self-esteem, self-love and self-trust, goals and vision, career path and direction, family systems and relationships, feelings and boundaries, busting fear and phobias, trapped emotions and anxiety – all with the intent to connect you back to the real YOU so you can shine!
Soon to come I will be offering an online course and group coaching sessions on how to be your best self – watch this space.
What can clients expect from you?
Genuine care and interest in YOU; I am intensely curious to understand your world. There will be times that I will push you to expand your comfort zone, which is all done with the intention of change and progress. I am a judgement-free zone and uphold strict confidentiality. Be assured there are no right or wrong answers and I create a safe environment for you to express your emotions and fears.
What is the most inspiring experience you have had with a client?
There are many! The transformation my clients experience from coaching is incredibly inspiring. I love guiding my clients to recognise just how amazing, wonderful and capable they are so that they can live their best life.
Here’s a recent testimonial I’ve had permission to share from a local mum:
‘For close to two decades I’ve suffered crippling anxiety relating to being in the presence of a particular couple. Over the years it had manifested itself into something so significant that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get past it. I’ve avoided dealing with the anxiety and in turn missed so many important functions for fear of seeing said couple.  
Enough was enough so I set out to get help and found a total angel, Sasha. She listened, she let me cry, shake, cry some more and she made me laugh and for the first time, I had someone validate my feelings and tell me it was totally okay and understandable to feel the way I felt. Then she worked her magic. Using various techniques she helped me remove the dark cloud that’s been following me around for years. She showed me how to take back the power that I’d given “them”. And for the first time in almost 18 years, I attended a function they were at. It wasn’t easy, it was still awkward and by no means did I want to talk or socialise with “them” but I went and enjoyed myself and didn’t miss out.
Sasha, you are a miracle worker. I cannot thank you enough. If you are reading this and needing help to tackle something that’s holding you back, call Sasha. You won’t regret it!’
Best piece of advice you can offer someone considering a transformational coach?
If you feel the yearning for something more, or you feel that something is missing in your life or that you ‘should’ be happy but aren’t, engaging with a trained transformational coach can help you uncover what it is. We live one life and I believe there is little point living that life in quiet desperation.
Be prepared to commit 100 per cent to the process – it can only work if you are jumping in with two feet. You need to do the work; I can guide you but unless you are all in, the shifts may be muted by you holding yourself back. And if you don’t know how to do that, let me show you.
Which book has inspired you recently?
Ultimate You by Sharon Pearson focuses on everything that I am interested in and passionate about – family systems and the tribal cycle, dysfunction, the roles we play, and how we can move through these to discover our true selves. It’s a mix of absolute confrontation while gaining a deeper understanding on how your upbringing has shaped you.
As a mother yourself, what is the best piece of advice you have received?
‘Whenever you think you have it worked out, they change.’ This was great advice to receive early on as it’s entirely accurate and demonstrates the need to be behaviourally flexible with our babies and children with their growth, development, needs and wants. Anyone with a three year old will understand that completely …!
Favourite spots in Sydney’s Inner West?
I adore being near the water for the calm it gives me and the sense of sinking into myself so I gravitate to these places often: Ballast Point, Mort Bay, Birchgrove Oval, Elkington Park out at the point, and the Bay Run in the early morning when the sun rises over the city. For coffee, you can’t beat Piccolo’s in Rozelle!
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