How to Effectively Reduce Your Electricity Bills, Starting Right Now

Electricity bills are the bane of the existence of many families. Just as families feel they’re starting to get ahead for the quarter, they’re hit with an out-of-control bill that seems vastly at odds with their electricity consumption.
As a consumer, you’re well within your rights to search around for the best price possible for electricity. The market is awash with different choices and packages for families just like yours. Just because you’ve been with a certain provider for ages doesn’t mean you’re linked with them forever.
You owe it to yourself, your wallet and your family’s best interests to shop around in order to make your hard-earned dollars stretch further.
How Do You Compare Electricity Prices?
If spending your weekends trawling through website after website to read the fine print doesn’t exactly sound entertaining, you’re in luck.
When it comes to attempts to compare electricity providers, there are companies that provide a 100% free comparison service. These companies, like Electricity Monster, examine your unique situation, chart your usage and come up with the best possible company they can find to service your electricity needs. You can go through an obligation-free, confidential comparison whereby you can compare rates online or work with someone over the phone.
These companies can secure you discounts as significant as 43% in some states. When it comes to those painful quarterly bills that’s a huge amount of money that can stay in your pocket where it belongs.
Talking to Your Provider
Once you’re armed with information, you can head back to your provider and present them with the findings. They might be willing and able to come to the party and offer you comparative rates. And if they’re not willing to? You’ve already got some great options lined up.
Get a Little Clarity
There’s a certain degree of subterfuge that comes with a number of electricity providers on the market. At times, you’ll find that your bills are reflective of charges that weren’t made clear to you upon sign-up.
That’s where electricity comparison businesses come in. They’ll take the guess work out of figuring out expenses and present you with clear, concise and consistent information that will, hopefully, save you a bundle.
This post is a collaboration between The Inner West Mums and Electricity Monster

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