Is Your Child Ready to Learn, Thrive and Enjoy Schooling This Year?

Is your child ready to learn, thrive and enjoy schooling this year? With the commencement of the new school year, we understand that the transition into a higher grade can be difficult for a lot of kids not only to keep up with, but to excel in. There are so many fundamental factors involved in making sure your child thrives at school, some of which include:

  • Being able to sit still and concentrate
  • Being able to control their behaviour and emotions
  • Being able to control their impulses
  • Being comfortable in their environment and not feeling threatened
  • Being able to understand and complete tasks

If you feel like your child needs to overcome some physical, emotional and developmental hurdles and is being held back from reaching their potential at school, sport or in their day-to-day lives, then read on.
Our integrative and multidisciplinary centre is here to help your child and family achieve and enjoy more from life. We offer safe and effective care to help with common issues, including:

  • Neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Retained primitive reflexes
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Poor balance/coordination
  • Difficulty sitting still in class
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor focus/inattention
  • Global developmental delays
  • Poor eye tracking and reading
  • Behavioural and social difficulties
  • Anxiety and fear

Our Paediatric and Neuro-Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist Abe implements a range of brain-based therapies tailored to your child. These include retained primitive reflex therapy, body movement and awareness, balance and coordination, eye movement exercises, memory and other cognitive exercises.
Retained primitive reflexes are often linked with behavioural and emotional regulation difficulties and we believe that by integrating them through body movement exercises, we can set a strong foundation for further learning and development.
Success outcomes always start with accurate assessment of function. Our clinic offers the latest diagnostic testing technology to gain a better understanding of brain development and help guide therapy. Some of the technology we offer includes:

  • Heart Rate Variability – helps to manage stress, anxiety and inattention
  • Computerised Balance Testing – helps to manage body awareness and postural control
  • Videonystagmography (VNG) – traces eye movements which have an impact on reading, writing and attention
  • Video Head Impulse Test (VHIT) – measures function of the vestibular system
  • QEEG Brain Mapping – measures brain connectivity and function to help guide treatment
  • HUMAC Balance System – helps to improve body awareness, balance and sport performance
  • Neuro-Sensorimotor Integrator – helps improve attention, eye movements, hand–eye coordination, balance and cognitive function

The therapy we offer is fun, safe, evidence-based and can be easily managed at home to ensure that we get the best results in the fastest possible time. We understand that it can be difficult to see your child struggle at school, at home or in social settings, and not knowing exactly what you can do to help. Our focus is not only to help your child, but to also provide you, as parents and carers, with the right answers and knowledge to better understand how to help your child.
We strongly believe that improving brain function is a key foundation to a better lived experience, and every child deserves this opportunity to learn, play, make meaningful relationships, and thrive.
Be sure to take advantage of limited spaces we have available for a kids neurodevelopmental screen ($39, normally $100).
Call 9817 6611 now and secure a spot for your child.


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