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Every Little Step Challenge – Week 9: Making the switch to greener energy

Fossil fuels sit at the heart of the emissions crisis. These fuels, which are heavily carbon rich, release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every time they are burned. However there are other, more sustainable and planet-friendly options that can power our lives and industry and fossil fuels are no longer the only option.

The technology already exists to harness renewable energy through solar power, wind power, bioenergy, geothermal energy and hydropower. This energy from these sources, doesn’t release carbon into the atmosphere like the fuels that currently dominate the energy industry. Renewable energy also doesn’t rely on the mining and extraction of finite resources that take millions of years to renew.

Despite the technology already being available, renewable energy sources are still only supplying less than 10% of our worldwide power. For renewable energy to grow, and replace fossil fuels, humanity must start investing in renewables, and disinvesting in fossil fuels.

Our current reality, is that we can’t fix this problem solely by using more sustainable energy in our homes. Government policy also needs to shift. Investment is needed to build an infrastructure that can support the renewable energy technology we have. There’s also a need to support further innovation, to deliver a sustainable energy network that will power the homes, industries and lifestyles of future generations. For this to happen, there must be a move away from reliance and investment in fossil fuel.

Activism and putting pressure on government to do their part, is everyone’s responsibility. But we can complement these efforts with small scale changes in own homes, and show consumer support for renewable energy. There are increasingly more options for sourcing your power from ‘fossil fuel free’ sources. By giving your money to renewable energy, instead of fossil fuel, each quarter you help fuel the growth of a renewable energy industry that can help preserve the planet.

SMALL STEP – Engage in some activism

Take a step for the planet by putting pressure on government to invest in renewable energy, and withdraw support from fossil fuels accordingly. This might be a letter to your local member, attending a climate strike or it might be how you vote.

MEDIUM STEP – Switch to a green energy provider

Do your research and make a switch to greener energy. You may even find that it doesn’t cost you more money. If you’re not sure how green your energy provider is, or what other providers offer a greener alternative, you might find this CHOICE guide a useful starting point.

BIG STEP – Consider generating your own renewable power at home

One step further than buying green power is to help generate some. Consider investment in solar panels at home. If you rent, or solar panels aren’t an option for any other reason, you can still help generate green power for others. Check out the previous challenge and find out how you can donate your food waste, to see it turned into biofuel, rather than damaging the environment in landfill.

Help raise funds for Domestic Violence NSW by switching to Enova Energy

Enova is a community-owned energy retailer, who are helping change and localise Australia’s energy system. Their innovative new models help homes and businesses to move away from fossil fuels to a model where they can generate, store and share their own renewable energy amongst their communities, with tomorrow’s technology. Find out more about the IWMs offer with Enova.

Enova Offer

Useful links to get you started:

Guest author: Cheryl Edwards

This article is designed to give an overview of different resources available to help you with the Every Little Step Climate Initiative. Neither Inner West Mums or the author can personally endorse the products and services mentioned, and we always encourage you to do your own research before deciding if a product or service is right for you.

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