What to Take when Disaster Strikes

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions but in having few wants.” ― Esther de Waal
With the crazy weather last weekend, this seems to be a perfect time to set up some emergency procedures and think about what paperwork should be easy to ‘grab and run’.
( Personalise the list below , because every family is different, but what is most important that you think about it NOW and put it together NOW and not wait till disaster strikes.)
Grab and run file
(This can be a lever arch file or just a flat box. I have set this up numerous times and the easiest is actually to call it the ‘Grab and Run File’)
Lots of this info could also be stored on your phone, which makes it less tograb and run’
This is perhaps the only file where copies of documents are OK.

  • Insurance policies: Life insurance, Superannuation, Health insurance, Medicare, Pension numbers
  • copy of Receipts (In an A4 sized envelope. If using a lever arch file, punch holes) for home content items. Any purchases over $500 that may need to be claimed. (get into a routine of making a copy of these pricy items as soon as you buy them and put the copy of the receipt into the envelope)
  • Mortgage and investment records
  • Utility bills (one each) gas, water and electricity, council, phone, internet
  • Passwords list
  • One page with bank account details
  • Tax returns (last 3 years)
  • Current financial year tax information (income and deductible receipt records, annual tax statements)
  •  (Drivers) Licences (copy)
  • Will
  • Enduring guardian and Power of attorney documents
  •  Birth, marriage, divorce, adoption, custody citizenship and death records  
  • Copies of passports

Evacuation Box
Unless you are living in Queensland (aca constant disaster zone)you wouldn’t have this packed all the time
Print this list and stick it on the outside of the Grab and run file so you know in an instance what else to pack.

  • Wallet and phone
  • Medication scripts and supplies, supplements, doctors’ contacts
  • Computer and back-up drive 
  • Very important items: the most precious out of the sentimental value box. (make that decision now: For example, I would take all the jewellery my dad made for me and the 300 + pieces nativity set, he also made.)
  • Spare keys (home, car, office, safe, safety deposit boxes or lockers)
  • Cash
  • Change of clothes
  • Non-perishable food
  • Bottled water


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