Daring to dream and Daring to do in 2016

As we move into the New Year it is the perfect time to ask yourself:
What do I really want for myself? What can I do this year to make my life even greater?
This time of year is perfect time for reinvention – it’s a time for making big changes, for taking a leap and for perhaps doing that thing deep down you’ve always wanted to do.
So many people move through their lives with no real direction, no big goals, focused on the short term and wonder why the have this feeling of dissatisfaction. Or worse still they have big dreams but they let their fears, excuses or other people stand in their way.
The truth is that it is you and only you that are responsible for what your life becomes.
You can choose to pursue something you really want. You can choose to make it work. You can choose to find a way.
Alternatively you can choose to put it on hold. You can choose to let excuses become fact. You can choose to let the doubt of others seep in. You can choose to let fear win.
Trust me when I say the magic happens when you choose to go for it and you start to believe you can!
You actually create changes in your brain when you give it direction and tell it what you want. You switch on your Reticular Activating System (RAS), which dictates what information your mind will be presented with. When you flick the switch to focus on what you want you will suddenly start seeing possibility, opportunity and options everywhere because your brain functions to support your beliefs and direction. In the same vein if you are focused on what you don’t want and things not working, your RAS is also working hard for you in these moments too – but understand you are the master of its focus!
I started my New Year 3 years ago by deciding to throw myself into the life-coaching diploma that I’d been pining over. I was a new mum and feeling quite lost in my direction. I wasn’t happy so I took responsibility and bit the bullet and went for what I really wanted, after all no one else was going to do it for me!
3 years later am running 2 successful businesses, have 2 children and another on the way. And I have done this with a FIFO husband who works away one week on, one week off. I say this not to brag but to show you what’s possible when you dare to dream and dare to do!!!
So as you enter the New Year I want you to ask yourself:
Where do I want to be in 5 years time? And what could I do this year that will take me towards the life I really want for myself and my family?
Dare to dream ladies and then dare to do! Put yourself out there, take that leap, signup for that course, start that business, whatever it is for you – take charge of where you’re headed and take control of your future. Make 2016 something really special and do something now that your future self will thank you for!
If you’d like some inspiration with dreaming big & goal setting I’ve created a worksheet especially for you. Just email me at growhappycoaching@outlook.com with the heading – Daring to Dream for 2016 – and I’ll pop you a worksheet jam packed with tips and tools to help you come up with ideas!

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