Getting to Know … Dr Cassandra Ng of Balmain Village Health

Dr Cassandra Ng is a general practitioner at Balmain Village Health which provides health care for the Balmain and surrounding communities. The practice has doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are committed to giving patients comprehensive treatment choices with an emphasis on healthy living and disease prevention in a friendly, comfortable environment. Dr Ng especially enjoys working with families, particularly caring for women during pregnancy, and also works at Balmain General Practice Casualty.
Tell us about yourself.
My name is Cassandra Ng and I am a local general practitioner and mother of a two year old. I work at Balmain Village Health and Balmain General Practice Casualty.
What inspired you to become a GP?
The opportunity to build long-term therapeutic relationships with patients and their families is what inspired me to become a GP. It’s lovely to partner with people over time and see positive outcomes in their health and also walk alongside people in difficult times.
What are the various services Balmain Village Health offers? What can clients expect from a visit to the practice?
We offer care for families including women’s, children’s and men’s health. I like doing skin checks, caring for people’s mental health and providing preventative care. Patients can expect a comprehensive assessment and quality time spent with the doctor.
How would you describe your style as a GP?
I would describe my style as caring, thorough and evidence based.
Do you have any particular areas of interest as a GP?
I love both acute and chronic care. We see a lot of fractures, lacerations and acute injuries at Balmain Hospital and at my practice we see more chronic illnesses.
What do you enjoy most about your job?
I really enjoy working with women and children, particularly caring for women during pregnancy, but I enjoy all aspects of my practice.
Can you tell us about a life-changing experience you have had?
Becoming a mother has certainly changed my perspective on life and shifted my priorities. As a doctor I have a fresh appreciation of issues that new parents face.
What are some of the most important things a busy mother can do for her health?
Scheduling in some time for self-care is important, whether it is going for a walk or meeting up with a friend. Come and see us for a check-up and allow yourself time to concentrate on your own health.
As a mother yourself, what is the best piece of advice you have received?
I have done the Circle of Security parenting course through Tresillian where they emphasise the importance of simply ‘being with’ your child, and that it is okay to aim for ‘good enough’ parenting rather than perfect parenting. I think there is a lot of value in these ideas.
Favourite places in the Inner West?
I love Darling Street in Balmain where my practice is located. It has great cafes and a warm, village atmosphere.
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