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Getting to know…Rebecca Morgan of Sattout Accounting Services

Rebecca Morgan – Mortgage Broker

Sattout is a family owned and run business that has been operating in the Sydney’s Inner West for 33 years! Rebecca Morgan shares with us the unique service Sattout provides families and businesses.
Tell us about yourself
I am a Mortgage Broker and a Mum of 2 boys, aged 7 and 3 years, based in Leichhardt. I have grown up in the Inner West and have lived in both Earlwood and Strathfield previously. I work in my family business, set up by my father in 1983.
I am all about helping people. I started my career in HR working in the media industry for ABC and Fairfax. I moved into the family business 9 years ago and worked part time while I had my children. In 2008, with other like-minded Inner West Mums, I formed a community group called Little Wonder who supports the RPA Newborn Care area, specifically the NICU. I ran that with the other Mums for 5 years and was the President for 2 years. I’m passionate about helping out as both my boys were premmies.
I am very family-focused and my mum, dad, brother and sister all work together. We also share premises with my cousins who run a legal practice and in my private life I spend lots of time with the kids and with other families.
Who are Sattout Accounting Services?
Sattout is a family-run business that has been operating since 1983. We have been working in the home loan and investment space since 1999 and I have taken over that part of the business in the last 2 years. Dad is a tax agent and focuses on the accounting side of the business. His years of experience are a great asset to me and he is still involved where he can be in the finance arm of the business.
We are a full service agency and manage home loans, commercial loans, investment loans, tax and accounting. We are focused on helping people on their journey in their own business and/or family life and have, for over 30 years, guided people along that path. We often help generations of families and are now meeting with the children of our original clients who are purchasing their first home or investment properties. One of our unique points is that we have everything under the one roof and our clients find the convenience of that quite helpful.
What services do you provide and what can people expect?
You can expect a personal approach, as the person you speak to is the person you deal with. We are available and it’s all about getting you where you want to be in a professional way.
With the mortgage service, we don’t charge you directly as we get paid from your lender of choice. We assess your individual situation, understand what you need and present you with 3 suitable options to choose from. We are accredited across most of the lending institutions and spend a lot of time with self-employed clients by finding a lender that is best suited. There are a lot of finer details in the lenders policies that we assess on your behalf to save you time and money.
I feel empowered when I pass on valuable information to others by educating them and explaining how the banks view their personal situation. Sharing our office with the legal team is great as it helps our clients when buying a property and the legal team can also take care of commercial leases, wills and probate matters.
Another part of the service I offer is annual reviews on clients’ loans. Each year I check in on the interest rate, request discounts as applicable and pass them onto the client. I will call you to ensure you are still happy and want to know more about what works for you or whether you are interested in seeing other options. Often, existing lenders will reduce their rates but if they don’t we will help you move to a bank that will.
With regard to tax advice we have three accountants, two of whom are my brother and dad. In the lending process they have input into tax implications such as advice around negative gearing and depreciation. We offer full service in those types of transactions. We help with businesses purchasing equipment or a car and can arrange finance as well as running through all of the compliance issues. We charge for organising your BAS and tax yet consult with the business by providing education and coaching as an extra service. Your business is in good hands with us.
Being a family run business for over 30 years – is this also your target market?
We have very loyal clients and a huge proportion of existing clients now have their children coming to us. We take a long term client and relationship view and for 30 years our business has come from word of mouth. I am passionate about helping families in the Inner West.
What sets you aside from your competitors?
Our personal, family-oriented approach. I get to know people on a personal level and feel vested in their success. We are available on Saturdays for appointments as we recognise that working with families, it can be hard to focus and think later at night after a big day at work or with the kids. We offer colouring in for the kids to focus on while we talk. I can also come and see you at home or work if that suits you better.
We offer a rounded service in-house but for any service we don’t have in-house such as financial planners or advisers – we do have a trusted network of advisors to send to you. We happily pass on their details, without charge or receiving commission, because we know that you will be well looked after.
What success stories can you share where Sattout has helped a business or family?
One that springs to mind is a client who came to us with a large tax debt. The accounts were being mismanaged by their previous accountant so we worked with them to get everything in order and up to date. They had all of their loans with one lender, which gave them the feeling that they couldn’t grow their business. We restructured the loans, which provided them with better flexibility and control of their cash flow. This alone created ongoing savings of $12,000 per month!
We take a methodical approach and assess all aspects to look after and manage our clients. It could mean refinancing loans, consolidating debts, helping with issues that need credit repair.
In other cases we have helped people with marriage or relationship breakdowns where one partner is wishing to retain the family home. We spend a lot of time speaking with people in those situations accepting that sometimes things can change. It is a wonderful feeling when you know you have helped families achieve their goals and gain some stability in a sometimes-turbulent time of their lives.
What have you learnt about yourself being a business owner and mum? What advice can you share?
It’s about being real – I am juggling things and being honest about that is really important. As a mum you do have conflicting interests and you have to work hard to provide the best solution for you family and your clients.
You also have to give yourself time – time to reflect and plan and cut yourself some slack. You can’t achieve everything in day one, or year one. Celebrating the achievements and milestones you make along the way is so important. And don’t be scared to ask for help – you don’t need to be superwoman.
What would you consider to be your 3 greatest life achievements?

  • My children, and raising 2 happy healthy boys.
  • Success in business overall and in the past 2 years I have grown the finance part of the business, which will support my family going forward.
  • Little Wonder. We created this fantastic group and it is continuing to support families with sick and premature babies. I’m particularly proud of the setup of the expressing room. We organised all of the trades, the furniture, and decorating to make it a much nicer space to express breast milk. Prior to that it was like an unused storeroom! The current President is my best friend and we were in the same discharge group 7 years ago. I keep involved by continuing to help raise money and awareness of Little Wonder and RPA Newborn Care.

I am happiest when…
Outside in the sunshine with my husband and kids.
Favourite spots in the Inner West?
Anywhere I can walk to in Leichhardt, and we particularly enjoy going to Wangal Nura playground on Flood St.
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